If your dog goes missing, you’ll soon be able to utilise the same technology used by immigration departments and the FBI to find it.

Finding Rover is a free app that debuted in the US last year, and has finally launched in Queensland today.

To make the app work for you, you have to snap a pic of your dog’s face, which is then automatically uploaded to a central database. If your dog goes missing, Finding Rover contacts a large network of dog organisations and members to help look for it. If anyone finds your dog, they just have to take a pic and upload it to the app. Using facial recognition technology, the app will recognise it as your dog, and your contact details will be automatically sent to whoever found your pet so they can get in touch with you to return it.

“Obviously its success depends on the number of people who register their dogs,” admits RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend, who launched the app today with John McVeigh MP and developer John Polimeno, who came up with the idea for Finding Rover while sitting in a coffee shop and looking at lost dog posters.

“But it’s been a huge success in the United States and is now being officially used by the San Diego Department of Animal Services,” Townend continues. “I still find it amazing! After all we’re only just getting used to facial recognition technology being used on people. It’s like something out of CSI.

“The background software used in Finding Rover was actually developed here in Queensland and is now used in animal shelters all over the USA and Canada, so this is actually a pretty big deal for Queensland.”

The Finding Rover app can be downloaded for free now — for more info, head to findingrover.com.