The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is calling on landlords to rent their properties to pet owners.

It’s not easy being a pet owner looking for rental accommodation, with many renters being forced to choose between their ideal home and their furry friend.

AVA and Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC) President Dr Julia Nichols says that with over 60 per cent of households in Australia having pets — and about a third of households renting — it just doesn’t make sense for landlords and managing agents to insist on a ‘no pets’ policy.

“Recent research has shown that well-managed, pet-friendly rentals can be a competitive advantage for those willing to introduce a ‘pets considered’ policy,” Dr Nichols says. “There’s a huge imbalance between supply and demand for pet-friendly rental properties and we would like this to change.

“Pets are good for your health and reduce stress. People also tend to look after their pets as they look after other members of the family; they take care of their health and hygiene, exercise and entertainment, they clean up after them. In fact studies show that Australian pet owners are becoming more and more socially responsible in the care of their pets.”

To help make their case, the AVA and ACAC have come up with this list. Do you think it’s persuasive enough?

10 reasons for landlords and managing agents to consider renting to a pet owner

  1. Pet-owning tenants are generally willing to pay more rent.
  2. Pet-friendly properties rent faster.
  3. Responsible pet owners can make excellent tenants.
  4. Tenants with pets want to hold longer leases.
  5. You’ll reduce your advertising spend, as pet-friendly properties rent much faster.
  6. No more problems with hidden pets.
  7. Most Australians feel their pet is part of the family and care for them as such.
  8. You’ll be helping to reduce animal euthanasia. Animal welfare agencies indicate that as many as 30 per cent of dogs and cats are surrendered by owners who are unable to locate adequate accommodation.
  9. Just considering pets will not necessarily lock you into a pet-particular outcome.
  10. Pet application and agreement forms are available to help landlords and managing agents implement a successful pet management policy and help tenants understand how to responsibly manage pets. Forms are available from

Visit the AVA website for more info on renting with pets.

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