If you’re on a first name basis with the receptionist at your local pound, it might be time to consider a new way of tracking your pet.

The RSPCA has just launched its TrakaPet dog collar, a purpose-built GPS locating device that’s been specifically designed for pets.

“Our call centre takes thousands of lost and found calls every year in Queensland,” says RSPCA QLD spokesman Michael Beatty. “This device is ideal for someone who has a pet that is prone to escape and go wandering. Hopefully it can help reduce the problem.”

How does Trakapet work?

Via a smartphone app, the device’s ‘Find Mode’ can tell the TrakaPet unit to report the pet’s location every 180 seconds, and to illuminate a high intensity LED light built into the unit.

You can find your pet’s location quickly using the maps on the MyLocate portal, or the smartphone app.

You can also program Trakapet to send alerts via SMS or push messages if your wandering pet leaves a designated ‘safe zone’; you can then put the unit into Chase Mode to get constant location updates, and activate the LED light to make your pet easier to see.

The TrakaPet is compact and water resistant, and has been designed to be worn by pets with an abundance of energy. It contains an integrated SIM card with a 24 month connection (so you don’t have to worry about buying, inserting and topping up SIM cards).

“It will certainly give pet owners piece of mind,” says Beatty, “and save a lot of legwork!”

TrakaPet retails for $249 at worldforpets.com.au.

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