Australians love pets, but you won’t believe how much we’re spending on them.

The Age reports that a medium-sized dog is likely to cost its owner more than $100,000 during its lifetime.

In their case study, The Age projects that if the medium-sized dog lives to be 15, it will cost its owner $107,640. That’s a stunning $7,176 a year.

According to the Animal Health Alliance’s latest research paper, Pet ownership in Australia in 2013,¬†63 per cent of Australians own a domestic animal. They estimate there are 25 million pets in Australia, which means there are actually more pets living here than people.

So, where does all that money go? According to the research paper, Aussie pet owners spend $3.04 billion on pet food a year, $1.6 billion on pet products and accessories, $2.9 billion on pet-care services, and $1.7 billion on trips to the vet.

If you’re a bright kid who’s not sure what you want to do with your life, it looks like there’s never been a better time to think about becoming a vet…

Do you spend over $7,000 a year on your pet? Do you think that’s excessive? Let us know below!