Pets Connect at Westfield Strathpine is helping give unwanted animals another chance at finding their fur-ever homes.

Manager of Pets Connect in Westfield Strathpine, Miai Foley, is the world’s most passionate animal advocate.

She has previously rehomed rats, guinea pigs and dogs through the store, but more recently, has received several emails from cat shelters asking for her assistance.

It’s not uncommon for unwanted pets to be dumped outside shelters, their future’s in the hands of volunteers.

Unfortunately, the prospect of being rehomed, especially if they’re older, is unlikely.

Maia is helping to take the load off of animal rescue groups and as donated a window in her shop to abandoned pets, and has so far rehomed around 50 cats.

One of the first cats that was rehomed had been sitting in a shelter for 8 months before it got to Pets Connect, Maia sold it in one day.

Her philosophy is that the traffic in pet stores is more consistent in comparison to shelters, and if more stores get involved, more of these animals can go on to loving homes instead of being fostered for years or euthanised.

“Pet shops can be a solution to the problem, not add to the problem, she says.

“The animals are in a pen where they can be touched and played with, and I have a compulsory hour wait for people who want to adopt an animal, to make sure they are ready for the responsibility.”

All animals are vet checked before they’re adopted and make little to no profit on the animals rehomed from her store.

She pays the rescue shelter organisations for their animals, but most come un-checked by a vet and Maia fronts that cost as well as the food, pen space, attention and excercise the animals needs while it’s in her care.

Maia provides around the clock service to her customers, giving out her phone number for pet owners to call her if they experience any problems to ensure these animals are looked after in the best possible way.

Pets Connect and Maia hope to see all pet stores in Brisbane get on board to help animals find their purr-fect family.