A pet is like a child. If you decide to have one, you’re taking on a big responsibility.

So you’ve decided to purchase that scruffy pup with the floppy ears or that spotted cat that rolled on its back for you when you came close. Your life is about to get a lot happier, but you now have a responsibility towards your pet that entails a variety of caretaker duties.

Animals don’t qualify for government benefits. This means you have to front the overheads for your pet’s health, which can be quite costly. Pet insurance seems like the most affordable and cost effective alternative to do this, but is it worth it?

The decision on whether or not to purchase pet insurance depends entirely on your financial situation. On average, the yearly costs can range from $200-300, adding up to around $5000 for a single lifetime of a pet. Some consumers can’t see themselves spending this amount on their pets during their lifespan, so they opt out, but beware — veterinary bills come with huge fees for emergency surgeries and overnight stays, and the risk of having no security blanket can be overwhelming when unexpected scenarios occur.

Like with any problem, determining the cons and pros and which outweigh the other is a common guide for deciding which way to go.


  • Unexpected accidents or illness are taken care of, giving you peace of mind.
  • Discounts on yearly vaccinations and/or insurance policies.
  • Once-fatal pet diseases are now treatable, and although expensive, are made affordable with insurance.
  • The best treatment and care for your pet is offered.


  • Hefty insurance fees.
  • It doesn’t cover everything. You’ll still be left holding the bag for vaccinations, worming, de-sexing and dental fees.
  • Any pre-existing conditions will, usually, not be included in a policy.

For our money, the high fees are outweighed by the financial safety net and the peace of mind that comes with it. Pet insurance is an easy way of making sure your pet is taken care of.

If you’ve decided to get pet insurance, which company have you gone with? Has it come in handy? Let us know below.