Social media app Klooff has crunched the numbers and released the latest data on our favourite pets, and the results confirm what cat owners knew all along.


Klooff infographic about pet trends for 2014.

Cats are — at least according to social media — the superior pet. On average, Klooff users share cat photos over two times more often than dog owners.

For those of you who don’t know what Klooff is, it’s an app that allows users to upload pictures and videos of their pets to the site. The Klooff community then decides which animals are the ‘cutest’ and they are showcased in the daily top ten.

Kloof’s research also found:

  • #catselfie is the 2014 Internet pet trend- you may need to give your cat its own Instagram profile
  • The Labrador is Australia’s most popular dog breed
  • #hedgehogs is the top trending exotic pet of 2014
  • Pictures of puppies get shared over 1.7 times more than pictures of older dogs — we need to share the love around!

The app contains some hilarious and somewhat bizarre categories including ‘Hipster Cats and Dogs’, ‘Football Fanatics’, ‘Chihuahua Fiesta’ and ‘Grumpy Cat Mondays’. Click on Klooff’s infographic to find out some more facts about your favourite pets!