The newest exotic animal trend has re-vamped our stay at home kitties in to wild cats.

These days Bengal cats are the new fad of exotic pets and have reached a higher market of breeders in Australia.

The regular domestic feline is cross bred with an Asian leopard to create the dramatic patterns on the fur. These hybrid cats were introduced in the 1960’s and have recently become more popular for those who can afford them.

If you’re thinking of owning one of these Bengal cats than read our care guide for everything you need to know about looking after these unique pets.


  • The first thing you will want to know about these fancy felines is that their needs are the same to a regular domestic cat. As a result they are very straight forward to take care of, no metal cages or permits required.


  •  The only thing that differentiates them from our usual household kitties is their temperaments and personalities. This affects the suitability of these cats to regular families as they are more energetic and require a lot more attention.


Scott Giacoppo, vice president of external affairs for the Washington Humane Society says when considering whether these gorgeous cats are right for you, you’re better off to be certain because too many end up in orphanages.

“Owners should consider whether they are buying in to the hype before bringing one home,” Giacoppo has said publicly.

These cats are highly intelligent and if you decide that they are right for you, then you are assured to have a faithful pet.

Also, look out for toy tigers if you like these wild furs.

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