Wondering what type of dog you should choose to add to your family? Trainer Nic from the Dog Blog has the run down on what breed will suit you best – from Pomeranian to pit-bull!

What sort of dog breed suits my lifestyle?

This is a great question and one that will really pay off if you do some research and planning prior to taking on your new best friend.

I have had many a client whom without the prior research and planning might have ended up with a disaster on their hands, but instead ended up with a breed that was well-suited to their lifestyle and family commitments.

Some things to consider when figuring out what breed would suit you best are:

-Do you have kids and if so, what breeds are better suited to putting up with small kids vs big kids? Some breeds to consider here would be Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Dachshunds and even Poodle X breeds such as Cavoodles.

-Are you active, really active, or just want the occasional walk? Will you want to jog with your dog daily, are you willing to go to the beach with your dog lots and run, run, run? These are all questions you should ask yourself.
Breeds to consider: Kelpie, Labrador, Jack Russell Terrier

-Do you want a dog that likes being around water – for instance, if you go fishing or sailing regularly? Labradors and Retrievers are great water dogs.

-Are you at the time in your life when you want a companion that is gentle and quiet? A dog that cuddles on your lap and wants nothing more than some simple love? Breeds that fit into this category would be Maltese X, Havanese and Mini Dachshunds.

-Does the breed have a genetic disposition to a certain medical problem and if so, are you willing to afford and also care for your dog in the years to come if this does arise? Certain breeds that can have genetic problems are German Shephards, British Bulldogs and Cocker Spaniels.

-Are they going to grow too big and strong for you to handle in lots of different circumstances that arise in daily life? Perhaps consider a smaller dog such as a Collie breed or Cavalier.

-Can you afford extra things that might be applicable such as grooming, various toys, veterinary care and training which will differ depending on what breed you choose? For instance, your longer hair breeds will require regular grooming and care, whereas a shorter hair breed won’t require particular cuts. Some breeds are more intelligent than others, a standard poodle is one of the most intelligent breeds if you are after a dog that can learn quickly and excel in the amount they can learn.

What’s your favourite dog breed? Are you looking to get a dog – what breeds would you consider? Let us know!
And if you have any questions for Trainer Nic from the Dog Blog about your pooch let us know and she’ll answer them for you!