The Queensland Government has recently changed the laws regarding mandatory cat registration.

If you live in the Brisbane City Council area, you no longer need to register your cat under new changes to the legislation.

Dogs still need to be registered by the time they are 12 weeks old, and registering your cat is still a good idea – if they are ever lost, it will be easier to locate them and bring them home safely.

Cats and dogs must still be microchipped when sold, given away, or before they reach the age of 12 weeks.

Microchips can be implanted by local veterinarians, contain contact details recorded on the Central Animal Records database and are only about the size of a grain of rice.

Don’t forget to update your details as soon as you move, as animals can be agitated by the transition, escape and attempt to return to the old property, so having up-to-date details will help to return them back to you safely.

If you have more than three cats (maximum of ten) you must apply for a cattery permit – if you plan to breed or show you must apply for a breeder/show permit.

You’re also required to have a permit to keep more than two dogs (maximum of four).

Despite the change in regulation, keep your furry friend safe by registering and microchipping them early!