The decision to adopt a pet and make an addition to your household is a big move. We explore the different pet options, and which would be best suited to your family.

A pet becomes a lifelong member of the family.  Big or small, they are all creatures that need attention, maintenance and love. Read below for the pet options available to you and your household.


Man’s best-friend – dogs are great pets for all ages, from infants to the elderly. They’re intelligent, loyal and affectionate creatures. You love them – and they will love you right back!


Cats are simple but affectionate creatures. Of the 33 million pets in Australia, nearly 25% of these are cats. There are so many different breeds of cats, and they will all vary in size, body shape and temperament. Generally they live for about 10-15 years.

Guinea Pigs 

Guinea pigs are popular because of their availability, affordability, calm temperaments and cleanliness.

Although guinea pigs don’t tend to live long – it can be a special opportunity for a child to experience companionship, responsibility and be softly introduced to the concept of death.


Goldfish make great pets – but their proper care is not always considered. If looked after the right way, goldfish can thrive and live long, happy lives!


Rats may have a bad reputation, but these furry fiends also make good pets.


Chickens make for cheerful backyard pets, and lovingly provide you with free-range eggs.

Hermit Crabs 

Want an interesting, low maintenance pet that’s a little out of the ordinary? Hermit crabs might be the answer.

Spiny Leaf Insects 

If you’re not frightened by creepy crawlies, the spiny leaf insect might be the perfect pet for you.


Consider the following questions before making a decision:

Why do you want a pet, and is the time right?

Does your lifestyle allow time for properly caring for a pet?

Can you afford the potential costs of a pet?

What pet would best suit your household environment?

Would you consider adopting from the RSPCA or other animal rescue organisations?


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