Goldfish make great pets – but their proper care is not always considered. If looked after the right way, goldfish can thrive and live long, happy lives!

Here is how to make your goldfish happy and healthy:


Goldfish are fairly easy to please when it comes to an enclosure. There are three options for housing your goldfish – a bowl, tank or aquarium, and an outdoor pond.

Bowls are the common choice for housing, however it’s easier to maintain your goldfish in a tank.

Consider buying an aquarium. Add a filter and air pump, which will clean the water and increase available oxygen for your fish. Decorate your tank/aquarium with gravel, ornaments and plants. It will make the tank easier on the eye, and keep your goldfish happy!


Your goldfish will stay vibrant and colourful when it’s healthy. Flake food is the best choice if it is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Frozen food is an option, but be careful not to feed your goldfish too many meaty items.

When you feed your goldfish is just as important as what you feed it. Feed it a few pinches of flakes, twice a day. Look out for fish food on the bottom of the tank – if there are traces, you are overfeeding the fish.


Change the majority of the tank water every week. Do this by removing half the water, and treating the replacement water with conditioner to minimise any chemicals that may harm your new pet.

After the water has been treated, it’s as simple as adding it to the tank. Look out for cloudy water, at this point the aquarium water is too dirty for your fish.

Buying a goldfish

Goldfish are widely available at your local pet stores. When choosing a goldfish, look out for erect dorsal fines, responsiveness and their size – this will indicate whether they are healthy or not.

Avoid buying a goldfish from a tank that has lived with other unhealthy fish – it’s highly likely that they will be too.


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