They’re there to lick your face in the morning and welcome you home at night, so think about getting your pet a present this Christmas!

With all the excitement of Christmas morning your pets can be a little overlooked, but often they love to be a part of the celebrations just as much as you.

Include them in the fun by hanging a stocking with their name and filling it with some pet-friendly presents…

1. Toys

New chew toys or squeaky balls will be much appreciated by your dog or cat on Christmas. Try wrapping a squeaky toy and encouraging them to rip off the wrapping paper themselves for a bit of fun!

2. Treats

While it may be tempting to slip your pet a few scraps from your own dinner plate, this can make them very sick. Instead, purchase a pack of pet treats that they can indulge in during the day – it can help to control overexcited animals when guests arrive, too!

3. Grooming

Some new shampoos will have Fluffy feeling refreshed for Christmas and Princess the Persian will appreciate a new brush or comb. Give your pets a pamper to make them feel loved during the busy festive season.

4. Accommodation

Treat your guinea pigs to a new hutch, your fish to a bigger aquarium, or your dog a new bed. When better to splurge on your pets’ needs than Christmas? New accessories like scratching posts, hidey-hutches or cushions will also be well-received.

5. Accessories

Christmas-themed accessories are a great way to get your (perhaps not-entirely-willing) pet into the festivities – and they make for great photos! Reindeer headpieces, baubles on collars and Santa hats are all great options, but think about what they might need further down the track, too – perhaps a coat for winter, or a new collar.

If you decide presents for the pooch are a bit much at least spoil them with hugs and attention – with everyone busy over the break they can feel a little left out!

Did you take your pet for a picture with Santa? Are you buying them presents this Christmas? Let us know what you’re putting in your pets’ stocking!