Find out what your favourite celebrity has as a pet.

If you think your favourite celebrity is eccentric with their on stage performances or outfits, think again. Check out these unusual celebrity pet choices:

Paris Hilton- favourite pets include: Rabbits, Possums, Pigs , Parrots and Kinkajou (racoon-like animal)

We know Paris Hilton’s famous Chihuahua Tinkerbell, but did you know she also has had an extensive collection of animals, ranging from cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, a parrot and a possum? She also had a pet Kinkajou ( a racoon-like animal) named Baby Luv for a while, but it was handed over to authorities after it attacked her.

Mike Tyson- favourite pet is a Tiger

No, it wasn’t just a joke in The Hangover.  Celebrity boxer Mike Tyson owned a tiger for a while before handing it over to authorities.

Justin Bieber- favourite pet is a Monkey

The Biebs took his monkey Mally on tour with him and posted selfies with the animal on social media. However it was no monkey business when German customs officials had to seize the pet monkey after he attempted to enter the country without the correct legal documentation.

Kirsten Stewart- favourite pets are Wolves

Cue twilight jokes. Kirsten’s mother has been involved in disputes with neighbours over her pet wolves. The four wolves are named Lily, Tommy, Lola and Jack ( not Jake).

Leonardo Dicaprio-Turtle

He bought the 10-year-old Sulcata turtle in 2010. He had to specifically pre order the exotic African animal from a pet store that specialises in rare reptiles. The turtle is likely to outlive Dicaprio as it can live up to 70 years.

Have you owned an unusual pet? Or know of more weird pets owned by celebrities?