The first Australian Big Adopt Out was a huge success with dozens of dogs finding new homes.

Thirty rescue groups banded together at the RNA Showgrounds for the six-hour animal extravaganza where potential pet owners could browse the pooches needing homes.

“It was very successful,” says RSPCA spokesperson Michael Beatty. “Over 3000 people came through the gates. We had 104 dogs adopted on the actual day but 170 overall – the rest are just pending yard checks.”

Prompted by the success of similar joint-shelter exhibitions in the United States, the outcome of the day was better than anyone expected.

“The rescue groups were all really happy with the outcome,” says Beatty. “Some groups even had to go back to get more animals to keep up with demand.”

“Animal welfare is everyone’s business, and the Big Adopt Out gives animal lovers the chance to unite and show their support for these rescue groups, their hard-working staff and volunteers, and the animals they care for.”

And while there were no dog fights, there was one among humans early in the day.

“I’m not really sure what happened there,” says Beatty. “Apparently someone head-butted someone else.”

It seems people are very passionate about their potential pets, and pooch-poaching is a no-no.


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