It’s like Gold Class for kids.

If you’ve got energetic kids who have trouble staying still and keeping quiet at the movies, you’ll love this.

Cinema chain Cinepolis USA has just announced that it’s introducing movie theatres made for children.

Launching 16 March in Los Angeles and San Diego, the Cinepolis Junior theatres will include colourful slides, playground equipment, bean bags, fenced-off play pens and even miniature merry-go-rounds.


Cinepolis is even adding kid-friendly snacks to the concession stand, including popcorn flavours like Cheetos, Chili, Caramel and Zebra.

“The opportunity to introduce Cinepolis Junior and what it represents — a new way to help loved ones come together and enjoy the arts — to the US market is an honour,” Cinepolis USA CEO Adrian Mijares Elizondo said in a statement.

“As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, we are pleased to be a pioneer and continue our innovation in the exhibitor space with our newest theatre concept. To help new guests fall in love with movies is our goal, and to do it in a way that caters to every need is our mission.”

Of course, the whole experience sounds like absolute hell for anyone who doesn’t have kids — but they can just steer clear of Cinepolis Junior theatres.

Sadly, Cinepolis has no plans to expand into Australia, but now that the idea is out there, don’t be surprised if some entrepreneurial theatre owner picks up the ball and runs with it here.