Grover — the most lovable, cute and furry resident of Sesame Street — is in Brisbane this week, and we got a rare opportunity to sit down with the magnificent monster and talk about his legendary career.

Grover is a Renaissance Muppet. On top of his usual gig at Charlie’s Restaurant, he’s worked as a taxi driver, barista, chauffeur, detective, news anchor, dog walker, palaeontologist, a singing telegram artist, and even a superhero.

He’s done it all, and he’s still standing, 46 seasons into Sesame Street’s incredible run as the world’s greatest children’s television series.

He’s taking a well-deserved break in Brisbane this week, but he still found time to sit down and talk to us about the secrets of great customer service, his relationships with Elmo and Oscar the Grouch, and the chances of a Super Grover movie finally crash landing on the big screen.

We highly recommend you watch the video to see Grover in action — but if you want to read along, the transcript is below!

Rohan: Hey everybody, we’ve got a very special visitor to Brisbane with us today.

Grover: Who is that?

He’s blue. He’s furry. His name starts with the letter G. And he looks amazing for a monster in his 40s. It’s Grover.

Oh, you were talking about me!

I was!

I thought, wow, what a coincidence, this guy sounds a lot like me! But you are talking about me!

I am! Grover, welcome to Brisbane. Is this your first time in Brisbane?

It is! Yeah! I have been to Australia before, but never Brisbane.

What do you think you’ll do on your holiday in Brisbane?

Well, I am talking to a lot of people like yourself. But I am also trying to get in some of the sights! I have been on the Wheel already, I plan on going to the South Bank beach. Yeah! Yeah! I love to make sandcastles wherever I go. Every city around the world, I never leave without making a sandcastle.

Look, I’m glad you’re getting a break, because you’re a very busy monster. You’ve got a lot of jobs. You’re a waiter, you’re a taxi driver, you’re a singing telegram…

Hot dog vendor…

Hot dog vendor, exactly!

Used car salesman…

Used car salesman! You’ve been a professor, a detective…

Yeah, absolutely! It is an honorary professorship, but you know, a lot of celebrities have those.

I guess my question is, why does a monster need so many jobs? Why do you take on so many gigs?

I suppose I do not need to. But I love people. And I love to help people. And there’s no better way to do that than to be in the service industries. So that’s what I do!

You are a master of customer service. There’s one customer in particular, Mr Johnson… he’s a short, blue man with a very round face…

Um… yes, I believe I have seen him walk into Charlie’s Restaurant once or twice before!

He’s been there once or twice before, yeah. What’s the secret, as a customer service guru, to keeping a customer like Mr Johnson happy?

To be attentive. Always listen to your customer. The customer is always right. Yes! Yes! And never, never stop trying to please them. Even if they want you to.

Are there any new jobs you’d like to try while you’re in Australia?

Oh, uh… Perhaps a personal koala trainer?

You look a little bit like a koala.

Do I? I do not even have ears!

That’s true. Now, I understand there’s a superhero on Sesame Street by the name of Super Grover. Have you ever seen Super Grover in action?

Oh, yes! That is me! That is me.

Oh, that’s not a secret?

No, no, ever since Iron Man came out… he’s kind of paved the way for everybody, for all the superheroes. So I am fine with you knowing. Yeah.

All the big superheroes, like Iron Man, they all have their own movies. Are we going to see Super Grover on the big screen soon?

Just the other week, I crash landed into a movie theatre. I flew right through the screen!

I think that counts!

Does that count?

I think it counts.

Okay! Sure!

If someone was going to make a Super Grover movie, though, is there an actor that you’d like to see play Super Grover?

… What, am I not good enough for you?

I think you’d be great. I think you’d be great.


But Hollywood has a lot of biases. And I don’t know how they’d go with a…

Well, why don’t you make the movie, then?

Alright, let’s do it.


We’ll team up.

Yes! You do pay well, right?

Well… you know…

Hmm. OK. We’ll talk. My people will talk to your people.

Now, we’re heading into Season 46 of Sesame Street

Yes, and there are a lot of celebrities who have come by recently. People like Gwen Stefani, Aloe Blacc, Nick Jonas, Sara Bareilles…


Yeah, yeah.


Image: Grover with Cookie Monster and Season 46 guest star Gwen Stefani. Photo credit: Jesse Grant.

Well, I was just going to ask, and I hope it’s not a touchy subject… This is season 46 of Sesame Street, and you’re looking pretty good for a monster in his 40s. What’s the secret to looking this fit at 46?

Well, I work out!

You’re very wiry.

Thank you! It’s very hard to find this shade of blue in the hair dye section, though. I will say that.

Hey, don’t say that. You don’t need any hair dye. This is all natural.

Pssh. Yeah, right. Ha ha ha!

Of course, you’re not the only cute monster on the set of Sesame Street. There’s a lot of cute monsters on Sesame Street.

But I am the cutest!

Of course. That’s a given. That’s a given. But is there any competition on the set? Is there any competition between you and Elmo? Is there any friction on the set of Sesame Street?

No, no, no, no! We are all very good friends. Except for maybe Oscar. But, you know. He’s a grouch.

He has a heart of gold, though. I feel like he loves you guys underneath it all. 

Really? Did he say this to you?

Well, he implied it. 

He implied it? How did he do that? Did he… I don’t know… what did he do to imply?

Well, I’ve never seen him say that he outright hates you. So…

Oh, well that is as good as saying he loves me.

Yeah. Exactly. 

Yeah! OK!

What’s the secret to maintaining friendships? You’re a monster who knows a lot about friendship. You’ve been friends with some of these guys, like Big Bird and Mr Snuffleupagus, for over 40 years. What’s the secret?

I do not think it is a secret. I mean, to be a good friend to someone, it means you think about their needs, and their wants, and you try to deliver on that. You try to make them feel happy first.

That makes sense. That’s a good trick. Sesame Street sounds like a great place to live, with so many nice people there. I’d love to visit.

Oh, you can visit!

I can?

Yes! Absolutely!

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

Well, it is a long way from here. You know what I will do, I will send you a link, OK, to the directions. Because I will just bore everybody right now if I told you the directions from here. It is thousands of miles away.

That makes sense. That’s a good idea.

Yeah. But please do come visit!

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