Buying Christmas presents can be a difficult task, because there’s always that one person in the family that’s very hard to buy for. Well, stress no more, because we’ve found the perfect gift for them!

To the military they’re known as UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) but to the rest of us they’re called Drones, and the world’s smartest one has just landed at Videopro.

Known as the smart drone, the 3DR SOLO is the ultimate tool for aerial video and photography. Whether you’re a first time pilot or a long time pro, it’s one of the most powerful and easiest to use drones available on the market.

If you’ve got a tech head in the family, this is definitely something they’ll be excited about!

Marketing Manager at Videopro, Ryan Lind, says drones are the “IT gadget” to have this Christmas.

“Drones literally give people a new perspective on life,” he says.

“The images you’re able to get from them are incredible and offer a big budget look to low budget film makers and photographers.”

Ryan says unlike other drones, the 3DR SOLO caters to everyone.

“It’s aimed at beginners right through to professionals, because it’s really easy to use while still giving lots of control and a wide range of features,” he says.

“It gives you incredibly smart shots and automatic scripted camera moves that mimic the familiar tricks of Hollywood directors.

“It’s powered by two computers, one each in the drone and controller, making light work of professional looking movements.”

Ryan says the drone is made for the GoPro and is so smart you can even control its camera settings through a mobile app.

With the app you will receive wireless video streaming in vivid High Definition directly to your mobile device, live from your GoPro. The app can even help you learn how to fly with a built in flight simulator.

Unlike any other drone, you can also lock the 3DR SOLO on a virtual cable between any two points in the air, which means you can pan and tilt your camera freely without even needing to keep track of the direction of the drone!

I sure know what I’m getting (myself) this Christmas! If you feel the same way, you’ve got to get in quick!

“Being such an incredibly high quality drone, we anticipate they’ll be a very popular item this Christmas,” Ryan says.

The 3DR SOLO is available right now at Videopro. For more information visit

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