With a little perspective, we can all be thankful for our luck.

One Valentines my dad got my mum the most unexpected gift. It was unexpected in that he bought it in five minutes on the way into church, and it wasn’t anything that she actually wanted.

It was what he wanted — a second-hand collectable red car that belonged to a guy at church. He used to say every Sunday, “If you ever go to sell that car let me know, I would give it a good home.”

He was kind of kidding and probably breaking the commandment ‘Thou shalt not covet’, but on that fateful Sunday before Valentine’s as he was walking into church the owner of the car stopped him at the door and asked “Are you ready to buy that car now? Because I’m selling.”

A quick handshake sealed the deal and Dad sat down next to Mum in their pew and whispered excitedly in her ear as she was singing a hymn, “I just bought you something red for Valentines. A car.”

I think she may have sung ‘How Great Thou Art’ a little louder and with a touch more gusto at that exact moment.

Dad proudly sent me a picture of the new love of his life — the car — and told me how he had cleverly caught Mum by surprise, and in a situation where she couldn’t say no, then recommended I buy shoes before church as a way to get expensive things through the keeper without an argument. Or it could have been an evangelical ploy to get me back to church. He’s pretty cluey like that.

Instead I wrote back, “Dad, you sure are lucky … that she did not kill you!”

His return email popped into my inbox in five minutes flat, and it was not what I was expecting:

Lucky! You said it. How’s this for lucky:

1. Great wife — a little weird, but who cares, she loves me.
2. Great kids — some are a little weird, but who cares, they love me.
3. Great in-laws —some are a little weird, but who cares, they love me.
4. Grandkids I adore — and they love me, even though I am a little weird.
5. Great job of 40 years that I love.
6. Can buy what I need and a lot of what I want — only eight per cent of the world’s population have a bank account, the rest make it from day to day.
7. A great new-old car!
8. And I get half a bed at night and three meals a day. That’s lucky!

Now I call him Lucky Phil, and he is, he has me as a daughter, and I’m lucky because I have that crazy weirdo as a Dad. But today, if you are feeling a bit down on your luck make a lucky list like Dad. Whether your lucky list ends with a whole bed, half a bed or like me at the moment, a third of a bed (minds out of the gutter, I have a starfish daughter cramping our style!) I hope you’re reminded of how much luck there is in this world, you just have to look for it.

What are you feeling lucky for today? Let us know in the comments below.

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