Muhammad has become the most popular name for baby boys in the UK, according to a new poll, while names inspired by TV shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are also on the rise.

According to Babycentre, Muhammad has risen 27 places from last year to claim the number one spot. The results are based on the names chosen by 56,157 members who gave birth in 2014.

Arabic names were popular across the board — Nur, a new entry to the girls’ top 100, jumped straight to number 29, and Maryam rose 59 places to number 35. Omar, Ali, and Ibrahim all debuted in the boys’ top 100.

Sophia topped the list of names for baby girls; it topped similar lists in the US, Brazil, Spain and Russia last year.

Emilia was a new entry on the girls’ top 100 at number 53 (most likely influenced by Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke), while parents also registered the names Daenerys and Tyrion (both Game of Thrones characters).

Breaking Bad also exerted its influence, as Skyler, Jesse and Walter all increased in popularity.

The name Piper shot up 267 per cent, thanks to TV series Orange is the New Black.

Ariana was another new addition to the top 100 girls’ names, most likely as a result of pop singer Ariana Grande topping the charts this year.

On the flipside, Miley decreased in popularity. Amy and Nick also took a dive, which Babycentre puts down to the popularity of the film Gone Girl (and its unflattering portrayal of characters with those names).

Unusual girls’ names on the rise include Wren, London, Phoenix, Logan, Indigo, Genisis and Blue (inspired by Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy).

Unusual boys’ names on the come-up include Prince, King, Junior, Hendrix, Braxton and Apollo (the name of Gwen Stefani’s son).

The top 10 girls’ names

  1. Sophia
  2. Emily
  3. Lily
  4. Olivia
  5. Amelia
  6. Isla
  7. Isabella
  8. Ava
  9. Sophie
  10. Chloe

The top 10 boys’ names

  1. Muhammad
  2. Oliver
  3. Jack
  4. Noah
  5. Jacob
  6. Charlie
  7. Harry
  8. Joshua
  9. James
  10. Ethan