Could this little man be the worlds fastest two year old?

In my other life, the one after being a mum, wife, writer for bmag and marriage celebrant I do a breakfast radio show on the Gold Coast for 102.9 Hot Tomato. Yesterday I had the honour of meeting and then racing an extraordinary two-year-old, all in the name of a kooky radio stunt.

Little Piero Antonio Pascazio is the world’s youngest Go Kart Driver at two-and-a-half years old. When he was one week old he watched his first Formula 1 race with his Daddy Joey Pascazio and was mesmerised. His first word was Car, much to his mothers disappointment but his fathers joy. After he accelerated on his own as one-yearold in a toy car his parents decided to foster his genuine passion for car racing. A custom made Go Kart was built and he is currently in training at Xtreme Karting race track in Pimpama.

With a name like Piero Pascazio he is destined to be a F1 champ and Ferrari must agree because today his whole family has been transported to Sydney for a Ferrari Racing Day, with Piero as the main attraction. This kid is going places….and not just in his Go Kart.

Sadly, like with all things highlighted in the media, the Pascazio family have come under some scrutiny for perhaps fostering a dangerous passion and pushing him into it because it is something they love. Having met the active and adorable little man and his family I can honestly say that he just loves jumping in his custom kart that was built with ultimate safety. It only goes 30km’s an hour maximum and it has a remote control kill switch that Joey can enable at any time. These parents wouldn’t put him in harms way, they love him. And to be fair to the family any sport can be dangerous, heck, being a toddler is dangerous. Plus all kids for some time love what their parents love, I loved the footy team Parramatta because my Dad did as a kid…..I grew out of that, Go the Bronco’s!

Little Piero may grow out of his love of Go Karting, but for now he is like any two-year-old happy, healthy, full of life but with an extraordinary talent. I left feeling like I had come in contact with a future world champion…..I wanted to go home to my two and half year old and yell…’So what are you doing with your life?! Wiping your own bottom isn’t a talent’ I didn’t of course, I am pretty chuffed I’ve been made redundant from wiping duties, it’s a big achievement in our house, not quite on the same level as Ferrari fostering a future champion, but Sorbent might see it otherwise.

Check out little Piero kicking my butt at Go Karting…