Brisbane kids, get set for the World’s Biggest Playgroup Day! Children across the state will get the chance to have some serious fun during this year’s National Playgroup Week from the 24th of March.

Before I had my daughter I shunned the idea of joining a mothers group. I thought it was a place for women to whinge about motherhood and their husbands and eat cake. I was very sensitive at the time because falling pregnant was alluding me, and even hearing a lucky mother say the slightest negative thing about their child had me in a rage. “Didn’t they know how lucky they were, I’d do anything to have a child and I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT IT”


Ha HA.

When I was finally gifted a child I first, felt the need to apologise to all those that went before me for my ignorance and secondly, I really rather enjoyed eating cake. Just let my butt tell you so.

Mothers groups, play groups, any kinds of groups that encourage interaction during one of the toughest times of your life is essential to getting through the longs days but short years, which is why I am a big supporter of National Playgroup week.

The overarching theme for 2014 is More than Play and the week-long celebration pays tribute to the importance of parents, carers and children learning and playing together in those vital early years. According to Playgroup QLD CEO, Leonie Wallwork, the importance of learning through play with parents and carers is widely recognised as a key ingredient to enabling young children to reach their full potential.

“Playgroup has many benefits for both children and their parents and carers. It is more than play – it is an opportunity for parents and carers to create stronger bonds with their children and other families whilst developing a sense of belonging within the community” says Leonie.

I can tell you, of all the groups, clubs or communities you will join in your lifetime, no other is more welcoming than an organised playgroup. I attended one in Bulimba, and within minutes of walking in the door that very first time everyone knew my name, Millie was giggling her head off with the other little cuties and I had a hot cup of tea that I could actually drink in my hand…..and cake, of course.

If you have been to afraid to venture to one this might be a great place to start. Playgroup Queensland will host six free events across the State to ensure as many families as possible throughout Queensland can participate. Brisbane families will be treated to some special performances and guest appearances at the World’s Biggest Playgroup Day on Wednesday, 26 March from 9:00am to 11:30am at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre at South Bank.

Kindy ambassador Jay Laga’aia, from Playschool, will be performing a number of his hits from the Ten in the Bed album. My daughters head will explode when she see’s him in the flesh, he is to her what Robbie William’s is to me!

BYO Cake!

Where? Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the Melbourne Street Green

When? Wednesday 26th March 2014

Time? 9.00am – 11:30am

National Playgroup Week is sponsored by the Queensland Government Department of Education, Training and Employment, ALDI Australia, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Educational Experience and Crayola.

For more information about National Playgroup Week visit or contact us on 1800 171 882.