How is your 2014 going? Are you sticking to those resolutions, living every day as your last and trying something new every day?

I ask because I’ve not tried hard enough to do all of the above and we are only one month into the year. Having said that, this isn’t a post to make us all feel bad, it’s just a post to remind us to stick at it. I always ‘want’ to live like it’s my last day on earth, but sometimes the ho hum of living gets in the way and I can climb into bed at the end of the day and realise I didn’t do anything ‘new’ that day.

That’s a dangerous way to live, not to mention boring and really, there are no excuses for that. You don’t have to do anything ‘BIG’, just something new….like trying a new tea flavor, or a new recipe, or a new way to do your hair.

One lady who inspires me every time I am with her is my husband’s Nan. Nan just turned 92 years young and she lives – like really, really lives. I could bang on and on here about her and her amazing life, but I’ll just say she had the time to have 11 children, was widowed when the youngest was 9 months old and managed to raise them all to be amazing humans while holding down a full-time job to support them in a time when there was no such thing as benefits from the government. She was a true trail blazer and in her 80s she wrote her first book about it. See, she is always trying something new.

And to prove that to you I want to share with you something she did last year Рsomething new. I think she may be one of the oldest people in Australia to do it, too. She is the official holder of the title of Oldest Mac Buyer at Robina Apple Store, passing the previous title-holder who was 90. Go Nan!

Watch the video and after you do, have a little smile to yourself, and then go out and do something new today. Like wear your undies back to front…..dare you.