As the holidays end and suitcases are put back in the cupboard, the start of the back to school, uni or work checklists begin and everyone’s looking for something to give them a new edge.

Along with the standard stationery orders and uniform purchases, now is a great opportunity to make sure you have the best telecommunications devices to get you to the top of the class.

Get set for a new year of study and work with a new light-weight tablet, such as the Samsung 10.1 Tab or the iPad Air. Tablets can be used to take notes, do research and help with study time. The versatility to add a keyboard, large screens to easily read documents, quick connection with no need to wait for ‘boot up’, and long battery life are just some of the reasons that more Australians are choosing tablets over PCs according to the latest IDC figures.

A slim-line and portable design mean that tablets can be easily carried in a briefcase or backpack, so you can be productive on the go. When you’re out and about, it’s important to choose a network that delivers speed and coverage – so you can get the most out of your tablet. With more than double the 4G coverage of other networks, Telstra 4G will let you do just that.

And a tablet can be used for much more than just school or work – use it for shopping, games or catching up on the movies and shows that you’ve missed over the holidays. By connecting through Cable 3.0 or ADSL 2+ Wi-Fi broadband at home, you have the freedom to use your tablet in any room – not only do you get super fast speed, but you won’t chew up any of your mobile data allowance on your tablet plan.

Getting back into study or work doesn’t need to be a time to dread. Come in and check out the large range of tablets at Telstra store Toowong, Gallery Level, Toowong Village. The friendly team will make sure you are on the best data plan for your needs, with a range of options from pre-paid to monthly plans.

Do you use a tablet, laptop or PC? Let us know why you like being able to work on the go!