Suddenly found yourself the host of a baby shower with no idea where to start? Perhaps your last shower wasn’t exactly perfect? bmag’s got you sorted…

Hosting a group of people you’re not necessarily familiar with is difficult at the best of times, but pleasing an expectant mother is even more of a challenge – with all the hormones and emotions of having a baby, getting a baby shower just right for the mother-to-be can often be more of a task than you’re prepared for.

Here are the top five things to consider when planning a shower – cover these bases and you’ll be on your way to baby shower bliss!

1. Planning the event

Consult with the guest of honour about dates and times first – she will be able to check with relevant parties (like grandparents or other relatives) for any impending clashes. Send out invitations several weeks in advance and include details about the venue, theme and if they need to bring anything for games or catering.

2. Consider a theme

A theme is a fun way to add mood to the shower. You can go as simple as using colour, or as elaborate as using childhood characters or stories, like a Peter Pan themed shower. Butterflies, fairies or rubber duckies are all great ideas for a themed shower also.

3. Food and drink

Think about where you’re hosting the shower and what facilities you have. Is it mostly standing room? Feature finger food like fruit skewers, cucumber sandwiches, or salad encapsulated inside a singular lettuce leaf for each guest. Bear in mind if you time the shower over a meal guests will probably expect something more than just snacks. Consider what the mother-to-be can and cannot eat and plan for that as well. A summer punch is always a favourite and easy to make. Strawberries dipped in chocolate are very simple to make but look (and taste!) spectacular – use white, milk and dark chocolate.

4. Games

Games can be a great icebreaker and can help to pass the time before present opening begins. Here are a few of our favourites…

Don’t say baby – as guests walk in pin a safety pin to their shirt and warn them that the word ‘baby’ is not to be used throughout the shower. If anyone hears the forbidden word uttered they can steal the rule breaker’s pin and at the end of the game the person with the most pins wins!

Guess the baby – have guests bring along one of their baby pictures and pin to a wall – each guest must then guess who each baby picture belongs to and the player with the most correct wins!

Diaper raffle – inform guests on the invite that a raffle will be held at the shower, and the cost of a ticket price is a pack of diapers. This way the parents-to-be will have a stockpile of nappies for their new arrival!

5. Gifts

Gifts and honouring the expectant mother are the most important part of the shower (hence the name). Have a nicely decorated gift table (a framed photo of the parents-to-be is a nice touch) and record names as each present is open to keep track for thank-you notes later. Make sure to have party favours to thank all the guests for attending and giving gifts – this can be as simple as some nicely-wrapped chocolates with personalised name tags.

Have you hosted a baby shower before? What worked best? Favourite game to play? Let us know!