Family functions can bring out the best and unfortunately the worst in our families. When everyone gets together the combinations of so many relatives in one place can sometimes spell disasters. Follow our tips to survive your family this Christmas.

We all love our families and it is great to catch up with them at family functions over Christmas, but sometimes the Christmas buzz can get a little overwhelming. We’ve compiled five easy tips to make sure you and your family have a lovely Christmas and don’t end the day wanting to scream.

1. Laugh

Rule number one is the most important, just laugh. Some of us don’t get to see our families often so instead of creating problems by trying to control everyone, attempt to ease the tension by laughing and relaxing. You can’t control anyone at these events but yourself ( and maybe your children) so don’t get too angry or upset if things don’t go down the way you expected.

2. Identify the trouble-makers

If you have that one uncle that is bound to get drunk and make inappropriate jokes or if two relatives tend to fight all the time aim to prevent any unnecessary confrontations by being prepared for these situations. Keep an eye on the drinks the potential trouble-makers are having and switch them to the non-alcoholic punch before any bad jokes are made. For large family gatherings make a seating chart and carefully position everyone next to people they like and have things in common with.

3. Friends  – the hand-picked family 

Make sure you spend time with other people besides your family this Christmas, whether its Christmas eve or post Christmas recovery spend some time with your friends to ease some of the family function anxiety.

4. Set an end-time 

If you are the host or if your headed to one of your family members homes this Christmas always have a time in mind for when you or your guests should leave and make it clear. The easiest way to do this if you’re the host is too make up invitations (corny I know) . You could make invitation creation a holiday activity for the kids, just make sure the end time for the event is clearly marked on the invitation.

5. Mix things up 

If you and your family do the same thing year after year then mix things up by eating out Christmas day or heading to the beach for a BBQ lunch. If the problems always arise when you are out each others homes maybe a change of scenery will make everyone get along.

What are your tips for family functions? share them with us below.