When someone finds out they are pregnant the question that comes to most people minds is the gender of their baby. Will it be a girl or a boy? Do I paint the nursery pink, blue or go for the neutral yellow?

Before you decide on the paint colours or whether to buy the frilly dress or mini footy jersey there are ways to discover your baby’s gender without an ultrasound ( well at least some people think there are).

Sometimes waiting 18 weeks to determine the gender of your baby can seem like an eternity. So what are some methods that can help you find out the sex of your baby? Well there are a few old wives tales that many try, none of them have been proven and most are far from scientific but if you want to give them  a try here are  five to get you started.

1. Rings true

Seen in many television programs and movies the ring test is a popular choice. This one require a piece of string, mum lying flat on her back and her wedding ring or some other important object some even use crystals (because you know this is magic people). You simply tie the ring/object/crystal to the bottom of the string and hold it over mum’s belly and then observe the motion; if it moves in a circular way you’re having a girl, if it moves from side to side you’re having a boy. If it moves in a square you are probably having an alien…

2. Queasy rider

Apparently you can determine the gender of your baby based on when your feeling sick during your pregnancy. If you suffer from severe morning sickness you are having a girl, it wasn’t the bad eggs that just didn’t sit right or the fact that your now carrying around a living person sucking out your life force,  it was the the girl essence from your unborn child.

3. Carrying on

Another well known gender predictor is how you are carrying your child. If you bump is high it is a boy and  if it is low it is a girl , or wait is it the other way around? Different sources say different thingsone says high for a boy then the other says low for a boy who knows.

4. Urine+Draino

This one is similar to a chemistry experiment, except minus the scientific proof to back it up. Mix Mum to be’s urine with Draino and the colour of  the mixture will let you know what paint you need to buy. If it turns bluish your having a boy , if it is more green or doesn’t change at all your having a girl. Make sure the room is well ventilated for this test.

5. Answers you crave

This one is based entirely around gender stereotypes, if you are craving sweet food your having a sweet little girl, if you are craving sour or salty food your craving a boy. Because everyone knows all little girls are sweet and all little boys are sour right?

What is the true difference between raising boys compared to girls, Emily Jade explores the idea in Girls vs. Boys.

DO you have any gender predictor tricks? Share your stories of DIY gender predictions below.