Underwood Park located in Priestdale will welcome Australia’s largest Spielart Playground in 2014. This truly extraordinary playground will be a welcome addition to the South-side location and will ensure the park is more family friendly.

Spielart playgrounds are truly what dreams are made of, they incorporate quirky fairy-tale inspired designs whilst not forgetting the importance of development and challenges for children. There are a few Spielart playgorunds already installed in Australia including one in Toowoomba (pictured).

The Underwood Park masterpiece is based on a design called ‘Peter Pan’ which was originally created for Nelly Sachs Park in Berlin. The playground has been modified by Playrope an Australian playground importer to meet Australian standards says Playrope’s James Devereux.

“The Playground Towers are very large, and we have modified the 7 meter structure to make it more transparent, so parents are able to supervise their children, also minor adjustments to the design have been made to ensure it meets Australian Safety Standards, “said Mr Devereux.

The new structure also provides physically challenging equipment designed to meet the needs of children aged 5 to 16 years. The enormous castle themed towers will provide amazing views of the surrounding parklands reaching almost 5 meters into the air. This incorporates the adventure play theory published by Play England that concentrates on the development possibilities of adventure play.

“We need to provide opportunities for children to test and challenge themselves in play that involves a level of risk…in order for them to develop resilience and make informed judgement.” it states.

Logan City Councillor Lisa Bradey is pleased with the new playground installation, which is sure to add a new element to Underwood park which is already fitted out with excellent mountain bike and skateboard facilities.

“This is going to lift the park into the different realm. We are going to have people external to Logan coming in solely to use that playground.”

The playground should be completed by July 2014.

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