It’s that time of year again, where the surf and sand are filled with schoolies celebrating their departure from 12 years of study. We have put together a parent’s guide to ease your angst as you sit tight and hope the week goes by without a hitch.

In the lead up to this years’ Schoolies celebrations, take some tips from our parent’s guide to take on board to ease your worry:

Parent’s Guide to schoolies:

1. Confirm your trust: while you may have doubts, confirming to your school-leaver that you know they’re responsible and that you have high expectations of them will encourage them to keep it.

2. Schedule updates: hounding them with hourly phone calls won’t be well received. Organise check-in calls or a mid-week catch up over a meal, they will probably appreciate real food.

3. Eating well is a smart idea for all schoolies. If you can put together some quick and simple meal ideas or pack a few frozen home cooked meals, they will love you for it.

4. Ensure they are staying with friends that will use the buddy system and that they have a backup plan in case of becoming separated or losing their phone or money.

5. It’s best to cover the risk factors associated with alcohol and drugs with your school leaver, rather than to ignore the issue.

6. Put together a list of important phone numbers, including hotel numbers, friends, friends’ parents and a list of numbers to call for help or in an emergency.

7. Reiterate it’s a time for fun, but to remember anything that happens at Schoolies can affect life after Schoolies- whether that be inappropriate postings on Facebook, being fined or arrested or making unsafe decisions.

It has also been reminded to parents that they will face penalties of up to $8800 for providing alcohol to their underage child for consumption in an unsupervised environment.

Planning to travel overseas for Schoolies week? Make sure you’re up with the law and consider your general health while travelling.

Stay safe and have fun!

So…we hope this parent’s guide helps to put your mind at ease and offers some practical ideas and tips to get you through