This beautiful barramundi not only delivers a succulent piece of fish but an array of great sides to accompany it.

Pan Seared Cone Bay Barramundi with braised mushrooms, baby zucchini with green pea puree and Kale soil, just sounds delicious.


Perfect for a summer lunch or to enjoy in the evening with a glass of wine or a cold beer. Kale soil sounds a little challenging but it’s actually quite easy and will certainly wow at the dinner table.

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Green Pea Puree:
1 litre of water
Pinch of salt
½ bunch Basil leaves
6 Coz lettuce leaves
100 grams Fresh Green Peas

Braised Mushrooms
100 ml Olive oil
20 gms Oyster mushroom
20 gms Shimeji Mushroom
20 gms King Brown mushroom
10gms Eschallots
Salt & pepper – To taste
50ml cooking white wine
4 tsps unsalted butter
1 Baby Zucchini

Kale Soil:
2 Fresh Green Kale leaves
1 litre Frying oil
Pinch of salt
1 slice Sour dough bread

Wild Rice
Frying oil can be used from the kale leaves
1 tablespoon of Wild Rice

160 gms Cone Bay Fresh Barramundi
½ tsp Citrus olive oil
Wood sorrel
Edible flower petals


For the kale soil – prepare the day before. Clean and separate the leaves from kale deep fry until the leaves are crispy, using paper towel lay the kale with bit of salt overnight until they release the moisture as much as possible. Preheat oven to 100C lay slice of sour dough bread on a baking try and bake them for 1.5 hours until crispy. Then using food processer, mix both ingredients until it turns in to rough powder consistency

For green pea puree place water in saucepan of cold salted water, bring to boil over medium heat, and place basil leaves and coz lettuce leaves without stem into water, quickly blanch both leaves together and set a side with ice bath. Meanwhile blanch the peas using same water, directly place the peas in the blender. Strain the leaves from ice-bath, squeeze as much water out as possible and add with the green peas in a blender. Using the highest setting, blend until puree consistency and season it with salt.

Shave the baby zucchini length wise in to ribbon shape. Blanch it with salt water for 10 seconds and add it in to ice bath to cool down.

For braised mushrooms, keep the oyster and shimeji whole and slice king brown first to hot sauté pan, add olive oil and then add oyster mushroom first. Stir it until caramalised then set a side. Then sauté king brown and shimeji mushroom together until caramalised, and then add salt and pepper and chopped brunoise eschalots. Continue to stir until eschalots are cooked. Then deglaze with white wine, let the alcohol evaporate from white wine. Mix all mushrooms with brunoise eschalots together and finish with butter, set on a side.

With the wild rice add a litre of frying oil to a saucepan until hot, then carefully add the rice directly and stir, lay down on the top of paper towel with a bit of salt after they start puffing.

To assemble:
In a hot pan with olive oil, start searing the fish in a medium heat until the skin becomes crispy. Pre heat oven to 160C to finish for 5-6 minutes. Note: Remember to cook the fish till medium well. If you cook it too long, you will lose the actual taste of the fish and its delicacy.
Warm up the pea puree, mushrooms in separate pans. Also finish the baby Zucchini with a bit of butter in a pan and season with salt.
Arrange the fish on the top of kale soil, mushrooms and zucchini on a plate. Pour the green pea puree at the end or table side.
Garnish with wood sorrel, edible flower petals, some puffed wild rice and finish with some drops of citrus olive oil