Greenhaus Coffee, a new cafe from the owners of Botanica Real Food, will open in June.

Brisbane wholefoods duo Alison and Brett Hutley will open Greenhaus Coffee on the corner of Doggett and Chester Street in Teneriffe, just two doors down from Botanica.

Caffeine is at the top of the menu this time around, as the duo partner with New Zealand coffee brand Allpress Espresso to dish up an assortment of grab-and-go options for people on the run.

“Since opening Botanica in 2013, we had always been asked if we served coffee, but we always had a firm stance that we wouldn’t, as long as we were neighbouring a coffee shop,” Alison says.

“When the cafe next door to us in Teneriffe relocated, it was impossible to find a reason not to launch Greenhaus Coffee and continue to provide coffee to the corner.

“Brett and I love coffee, and we both have a great enthusiasm for Brisbane’s burgeoning food scene, so it made sense to seize this opportunity and launch our very first coffee haunt.”

Greenhaus will serve up takeaway items like breakfast ‘tartines’ and ‘parfait cups’ that have previously been featured at Botanica, as well as new mini spinich and parmesan brioche toasties, spelt and raspberry scones and warm vanilla porridge.

In keeping with Botanica’s policy, no meat products will be used at Greenhaus Coffee.

There’s not exactly a shortage of great coffee shops in Brisbane, but Alison and Brett think there’s a gap in the market for a cafe with a strong assortment of ready-to-go breakfast options.

“Nothing beats starting the day with a delicious coffee,” Alison says, “so imagine pairing that with a savoury tartine topped with cashew cream, blistered tomatoes and basil, or a bowl of warm vanilla porridge with honey and cinnamon, and you are truly set for a great day!”

Greenhaus Coffee (29 Doggett Street, Teneriffe) will be open seven days a week, 6:30am to 4pm, from Thursday 1 June.