Brisbane’s new coffee house for geeks and gamers opens this weekend.

Eskabar Page, a self-professed geek and coffee snob, is the man behind this new Albion cafe, where you’re just as likely to find an action figure, console or comic book as you are a brew.

“We’ve been describing it as ‘Brisbane’s first Geek and Game Cafe’,” he says. “That covers everything, as we quite literally have a little bit of everything from anime, arcades, game consoles, comic books, figurines and pop culture collectibles.”

Everything you’ll see at Cafe de SOYT comes from Page’s personal collection.

“I had this idea a couple of years ago coming out of Supanova,” he explains. “Basically, people buy what they like, correct? Whether it’s trains, shoes, figurines etc. But who sees that collection? Just friends and family. I wanted to showcase my extensive collection and this just seemed like a good idea.

“That, and now it’s ‘business-related’. Ha!”

Cafe de Soyt

But Cafe de SOYT is more than just a way for Page to write vintage video game consoles off on his taxes.

“We will be offering a large selection of refrigerated drinks and dessert with coffee, tea and chocolate drinks, both hot and iced,” he says. “The hot chocolate is amazing as it’s African, but I’m most excited about our cheesecake range. Everything is delicious!”

Cafe de SOYT will open its doors this weekend with popular food truck King of the Wings in attendance, and plans afoot for more geek-friendly events in the future.

“We have plenty of ideas circling, from games night to cosplay workshops,” Page says. “It’s definitely something we’re interested in providing in the very near future, but I guess let’s just open first and see how it all falls into place!”

Cafe de SOYT (1/135 Sandgate Road, Albion) will celebrate its grand opening this Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April. The venue will be open from 7am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 6am to 2pm on weekdays.