Well, we know what we want for Valentine’s Day.

The Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka has just taken the love of chocolate to the next level, unveiling their range of edible men’s shoes.

The shoes come in three different shades of ‘leather’, and boast incredibly realistic stitching.

Designed by the hotel’s chocolatier, Motohiro Okai, the shoes are a size seven in Australia, which would be a tight fit for most guys.

But that’s okay — the shoes reportedly come with a shoe horn made from chocolate to help you squeeze your foot in there.

Chocolate shoes

The shoes are priced at 29,160 yen ($340), which is totally worth it, considering they come with the added value of being edible.

Alas, the shoes have already sold out, but we’re laying down the challenge — if the Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka could make these, surely an enterprising chocolatier in Brisbane could do the same?

It’s a viral sensation just waiting to happen for some local business, surely…

[Via Kotaku]

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