Runcorn’s infamous Momo Chicken & Beer is finally coming to the CBD.

If you’re a Runcorn regular, you already know all about Momo Chicken & Beer, the delicious fried chicken joint located next to the equally delicious Genkotsu Ramen in Runcorn Plaza.

As the name suggests, they bring together two of the finest things in life — chicken and beer!

They’re Brisbane’s finest purveyors of ‘KFC’ — Korean Fried Chicken — and while their current location isn’t too inconvenient for those of us on the south side, there’s no doubt the legend of Momo will spread much further once they open up their new venue in the CBD.

They’ll be serving up fried chicken (obviously), cold beers, bar snacks and eight new additions to the menu (including burgers!) that they’re keeping close to their chest for now.

The new venue will open on Albert Street in late January/early February — stay tuned for the exact street address and opening date to be announced soon.

In the meantime, you can find their Runcorn store at 26/254 Warrigal Road.

Image via Instagram / @Lyrcat.