Paddington’s Shouk Cafe is getting a new name and a second location.

Shouk owners Guy Frawley and Adi Shabtay have given the cafe a new lease on life.

After trading for three years as Shouk Cafe, the popular Paddington venue will now be known as Naïm — a word that has meaning in both Arabic and Hebrew, roughly translating to ‘pleasant’, ‘joy’ and ‘comfort’ (in Hebrew, it forms one half of the greeting ‘naïm mayod’, which means ‘it’s a pleasure to meet you’).

Luckily, the same team is still in the kitchen, serving up delicious dishes inspired by the markets and dining tables of the Middle East.

Not only has Shouk Cafe been rebranded as Naïm, but they’re opening a new venue, too — early next year, they’ll be opening Naïm On Melbourne on the ground floor of Aria Property Group’s newly built Melbourne Street Residencies (where they’ll be neighbours with Gelato Messina’s hotly anticipated Brisbane store).

With a new name comes a revamped menu. If you’ve been to Shouk — or rather, Naïm — in the past week, you will have noticed that their iconic latke stack is gone.

But hey, it’s not all bad news — the Pumpkin and Halloumi is still on the menu.

And who knows — if the people speak loudly enough, the latke stack might make a comeback eventually.

We can dream, right?

The rebranded Naïm is now open at 14 Collingwood Street, Paddington, from 7:30am to 3pm Monday-Sunday and 4pm to 8pm Wednesday-Friday. Naïm on Melbourne is expected to open early next year.