The Doughnut Bar are celebrating their first birthday by giving away free ice cream this Thursday!

Last week, we told you about The Doughnut Bar’s new store opening at the Wintergarden in Queen Street Mall — and their scroll ice cream.

If you were intrigued by this new dessert trend that started on the cold-plates of street vendors in Thailand, then tomorrow’s your lucky day, because they’ll be giving away free scroll ice cream!

Doughnut Bar

This Thursday will also see the release of new scroll ice cream flavours, headlined by Doritos (sweet with a bit of cheesy savoury), Matcha (green tea) and Nutella (hazelnut goodness), along with Cadbury Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Milo Malt, Strawberry Quik, Real Banana and Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

Thursday will also see the introduction of the BYO (Build Your Own) option, with customers able to order scroll ice cream how they like it and making up their own concoction. You can pick your base flavour, add your texture (e.g. Tim Tam dust, candy bacon, wizz fizz), followed by your toppings (e.g. mini M&M’s, chocolate honeycomb, musk sticks), and add your sauce (e.g. caramel fudge, milk chocolate, boysenberry) — although by the time you’ve done all that, you can probably wave goodbye to any health benefits you might have gotten out of the low-fat, low-sugar scroll ice cream.


The Doughnut Bar will be offering free scroll ice cream at their Wintergarden store (Shop K3, 185 Queen Street Mall — enter between Lorna Jane and Swarovski) this Thursday 3 March from 3pm to 6pm.