‘Scrolled ice cream’ — the trendy dessert that has fitness fanatics letting ice cream back into their lives — is coming to Brisbane for the first time.

Local doughnut artisans The Doughnut Bar are opening a new store in the heart of Queen Street Mall this Thursday 25 February, and the star menu item is ‘scrolled ice cream’, available for the first time in Queensland.

What is scrolled ice cream? Well, it’s already proved to be hugely popular with dessert lovers and Instagram users in Melbourne, and in Thailand, where the trend originated with street vendors. Unlike traditional ice cream, which is high in fat, sugar, and, apparently, air (!), scrolled ice cream is low in sugar, low in fat, prepared fresh to order, and contains no air.

Doughnut Bar

Scroll ice cream is formed using specially imported cold plates that rapidly freeze a thin layer of European gelato liquid to minus 20 degrees. Before the liquid completely freezes over, a selection of quality flavours and textures is added and then carefully molded to form the ice cream into creamy scrolls.

There is a degree of skill involved in creating the perfect scroll, which adds an element of theatre for the customer, who gets to watch all of this happening before their eyes.

Working with a small, family-operated gelato producer in Brisbane, The Doughnut Bar crew have been working for months on their scrolled ice cream to get it right for release. The result is a ‘scroll-able liquid’ made using traditional gelato techniques.

Doughnut Bar

Scrolled ice cream will be available at The Doughnut Bar in Queen Street Mall in three flavours at a time, each selling for $10. At launch, those flavours will be Tiny Timmy Tella (tiny teddies, Tim Tams, Nutella), Vovoreo (raspberry, coconut, Oreo) and Snickers (chocolate, smashed nuts, caramel).

A sister company of the Chocolate Komberry Co (an Eat Street Markets fixture known for its Cronuts), The Doughnut Bar has been popping up all over South East Queensland for the past 12 months in custom built vintage Kombi trucks. They’ll keep the spirit of the Kombi alive at the new store with a fully fitted out Kombi dining area.

“I had people coming to me every week wanting to open stores in Sydney, Melbourne and even places like Dubai, Singapore and Los Angeles,” says owner Leigh Devlin. “I’m a hands on operator; I owe it to my customers to ensure that I’m involved every step of the way and I couldn’t do that if I was opening stores all over the country and even the world. I feel that what makes us special is that we are small and detailed in what we do.

“So, in order to best serve Brisbane it was necessary that my new store be located in the most central, convenient location. Queen Street Mall is the heart of this city and we’re so happy to be right in the middle of it.”

Doughnut Bar

Thursday will also see the launch of a partnership between The Doughnut Bar and Blackboard Coffee, a small artisan roaster on the Gold Coast.

“The Doughnut Bar are honoured to have been selected as their first Brisbane outpost,” says Leigh. “We’ve got some of the best baristas in Brisbane working with us and we’ve now got the very best coffee and as we know, doughnuts and coffee is a marriage made in heaven!”

The Doughnut Bar will also be launching a new recipe for Brioche dougnuts, a new recipe for their Cronuts, and ‘next level’ Doughnut Shakes at the new store.

“We love creating new and exciting flavours every week,” Leigh says. “Being a boutique business, we have the ability to create something one day and then roll it out for our customers the next. Nothing makes us happier than the positive vibes from our customers when they see something new in the cabinet.”

Doughnut Bar

Though the new store is a big step for the business, Leigh says there are no plans to expand further beyond their locations at Eat Street Markets, Edward Street, the new Wintergarden store and selected pop-ups.

“I’ve always maintained a hands on approach to everything that our brands do. We build our own food trucks, we bake our own products and we serve our customers personally. We are careful to keep the operation small and exclusive to South East Queensland.”

The Doughnut Bar will open in the Wintergarden in Queen Street Mall this Thursday 25 February at 12pm.