It’s safe to say this lady is in the running for Mother of the Year.

Lucky twin four-year-old girls have celebrated their big day with a cake that mashes up their favourite things: Marvel and Disney.

Mother of the twin girls, Lainie Elton, told Huffington Post that the cake took six hours to make over the course of a few days.

“Like any 4-year-olds, their interests typically last for about five minutes, so we try to capture those moments whenever we can,” she said, noting that in addition to the cake, she and her husband Brian gave their girls Iron Man and Captain America action figures for their birthday.

She was blown away by the viral response the family received after she posted the story on Reddit, where people commended her on her efforts to embrace her little girls’ varied interests and capturing them in a spectacular cake.

“I absolutely love the fact that the cake has sparked discussions about gender stereotypes,” she says. “It feels pretty great that I can somehow contribute to that conversation in some way since I’m fully supportive of kids being able to make decisions about what they play with, what they wear, etc. with no regard to whether something is ‘meant’ for girls or boys.”

We think this is such a creative and time-saving way of combining different themes for kids who like a variety of characters! What do you think?