Brisbane has truly begun to embrace a delicious range of international flavours and The Jerky Nuts has just added to the melting pot of diversity.

Owners Alan and Pam felt there was a gap in the market and no one was providing any South African cuisine. So along with a small grocery section in each establishment, The Jerky Nuts opened cafes in Toowong and Ipswich. Their original venue at Enoggera remains primarily a grocery store, stocking all the South African favourites customers have called out for.

With over two years in the development stage, The Jerky Nuts was a well thought out concept and was originally founded from the desire to market quality products that didn’t seem to be available anywhere else. People were demanding jerky and biltong but no one was stepping up and supplying it.

After opening Enoggera, The Jerky Nuts team decided to go one step further and start serving up sumptuous South African dishes as well.

With head chef Timmy at the helm, The Jerky Nuts cafe at Toowong is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch (and late on a Thursday). The dishes created all embrace either South African or traditional Australian flavours, and already there are some firm favourites among customers.

In the kitchen, Tim can be found making up orders for Bunny Chows, Bobotie, Samousas, Koeksisters, Pepperment Tert, Melktert and also takes some more typical Aussie dishes and adds a South African twist.

The Jerky Nuts also offer biltong, jerky, boerewors and drywors (which are high in protein and great for snacking). For the sweet lovers, they have koeksisters and rusks.

“Biltong, either wet or dry, originated in South Africa,” Alan explains. “Here in Australia, Biltong is made mainly from beef and marinated and air dried for several days. We sell packaged product and we have it freshly hung in our biltong cabinet from which you can choose which piece you prefer and it can either be left whole or can be shaved.

“At Toowong, we also offer a selection of hot dishes and the favourite is the Bunny Chow – which is a quarter loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with a delicious curry.”

So if you’re looking for something a little unusual, The Jerky Nuts is the perfect place to pop in, sample some South African flavours and have a coffee and chat with the friendly team.

The Jerky Nuts cafe can be found at 1/530 Milton Road, Toowong and is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch.

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