Would you like to eat like a world leader? Then get yourself down to Billykart Kitchen any Friday night in February to sample their G20 BBQ Menu.

Billykart Kitchen is helmed by chef Ben O’Donoghue and he is known for creating casual yet sophisticated menus made with seasonal, local produce.

During the week of the G20, he created a speciality menu for the world leaders that included Moreton Bay bugs, rock oysters, king prawns, Tasmanian Ocean trout and Flinders Island lamb and due to the popularity of the menu, Ben and his team have decided to bring it back for a very limited time.

Billykart Kitchen is usually open for breakfast and lunch but every Friday, they open their doors for dinner with a different themed menu each month. Service commences at 6pm and they are fully licensed. Owned and operated by Ben O’Donoghue and his wife Dee, Billykart Kitchen is located in a revamped old corner shop amidst the wide tree-lined streets of Annerley. The popularity of the business could be attributed to the fact that the couple have revived the tradition of an old-fashioned local store with their charming 80-seater eatery.

We chatted to Ben about the popularity of his Friday Night Dinners and why he brought back the G20 menu. “We obviously theme our Friday night dinners and we wanted to do the menu that I did for the G20 summit lunch as an option so our guests could eat what the world leaders ate. I think Josh did his as well at the GOMA. I thought it would be a bit of fun!!”

The popularity of the dinners isn’t surprising and Ben is thankful for it. “Our Friday nights normally book out a few weeks in advance! It’s something interesting for us as a team and it allows us to play with different styles of cuisines. A mate of mine in Melbourne does something similar which he calls Friday Night Flights and it’s a similar concept except we do ours over a month and he does his over two weeks.”

But the questions we really wanted to know the answer to was what did Obama think about the food? “Obama loved the food! He came back for seconds and went for the Flinders Island lamb the second time round! The oysters were popular as were the prawns.”

And as the chef who designed the entire menu, what is his own favourite meal? “Mine would be the ocean trout and lamb. Oh hold on, maybe the Moreton Bay bug skewers with figs bay and pancetta!”

Head to Billykart Kitchen to sample their G20 menu, only available until the end of February. Billykart Kitchen are located at 1 Eric Crescent, Annerley and Friday Night Dinners start at 6pm and booking are essential. Head to our dining guide for more information.