Whether you love making cakes, eating cakes or just staring at them from afar, the Brisbane Cake Expo on September 27-28 will cater to every sweet tooth.

From cake, cupcake and cake equipment businesses, suppliers, cake schools, cake clubs and pretty much everything else that has anything to do with cake, the Brisbane Cake Expo really is the Mecca of all things cake-related.

Over the weekend, there will be lots of different events, presentations, tutorials and samples to try. Check out the good, the fads and the lovely with cake competitions and they are offering multiple categories open to the beginners and experts.

Get your hands deliciously dirty with live cake tutorials and you’ll be doin’ it like the professionals in no time! Also learn a thing or two from leading and local sugar artists who will be providing free cake demos and tips on the main stage.

So whether you’re a kid that’s big or small, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained with jumping castles, face painting, photo booth, cupcake creating and lots more. Plus there are organising giveaways of goodies and exclusive specials so you get the most out of your cakeventure.

The Brisbane Cake Expo 2014 runs from September 27-28 at 86 Green Terrace, Windsor. For more info, visit our event guide.