The food truck phenomenon has exploded in Brisbane! Every Friday, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of your favourite trucks — today, the spotlight falls on King of the Wings.

Owner/Chef: Dylan Pires & co-owner Katrina Pires

Cuisine style: American Style Chicken Wings

Home suburb: Warner

Years in business: Four months

Why food trucks?

Came up with the concept four years ago after a trip to America and have spent the past three years developing the idea and recipes and working towards a restaurant. Late last year the opportunity became available to start a food truck, which we had not previously considered. We loved the idea, both working within the American theme, the fact we could travel anywhere and as we have four young kids, we could work the hours around our family.

What were you doing before you got your food truck? What’s your background in food?

I come from a marketing and events background and for the past 15 years have been marketing and managing concerts and music festivals in Brisbane. I have always loved food and have been cooking and experimenting in the kitchen for our extended family for the past 12 years. Katrina has had several years of experience in hospitality and managing restaurants so she is great with managing the front of house and keeping our customers smiling… plus she knows how to put me in line when i get a “chef” attitude!

What’s the most popular item on your menu?

We don’t have a “most popular” item, all our flavours are unique and we have a flavour to suit any taste bud. Our most popular order is the 20 pack complete… offering a taste of all five flavours.

What’s your favourite item on the menu?

My personal favourite is a mix between the Chillogy and the Bee Sting… when you eat the 2 together, the heat from the Chillogy and the sweetness from the Bee Sting creates a flavour fusion in your mouth that can’t be described…. it has to be experienced.

Which suburbs do you usually operate in? Where’s your most popular stop?

We move all around Brisbane, rotating each week… but we have a residency every Wednesday night at Green Beacon in Teneriffe, which our favourite spot! It’s a chilled out atmosphere, nice crowd plus beer and wings… its a match made in heaven.

How do most people find out about your truck?

Word of mouth and Facebook… we’ve only been around a short time but the “wing word” seems to be spreading quick!

Why do you think food trucks have become so popular?

It’s a culture that Brisbane has been needing for a long time… The big cities have caught on to it, but it has really only taken off in Brisbane in the last two years. To be able to have events like Food Truck Phenomnomnom which showcases the food trucks in our city is awesome and to see the support we all are getting from Brisbane’s foodies is amazing!

Favourite music to listen to in the truck?

Funk and soul with a touch of Latin… we love turning it up and vibin’ while we work.

Do you harbour any dreams of opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant?

We did, but not anymore… We love the lifestyle that the food truck allows us. Our next step is to expand our trucks across Brisbane and franchise out to Sydney and Melbourne.

If your Food Truck was a Transformer, its name would be…


Where can we find you over the next few weeks?

Green Beacon every Wednesday night, Tonic Espresso Bar in Fortitude Valley every second Friday for lunch and personally we are looking forward to setting up at Soulfest at Brisbane Riverstage Saturday October 25.

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