Are you crazy for cakes? Put your baking skills to good use and help out the Red Cross.

Red Cross Shops around Australia have come up with a fabulous way to mark the 100th birthday of Australian Red Cross in August this year, and support the Red Cross Big Cake Bake as well.

More than 150 Red Cross Shops from Bowen to Burnie, and Broken Hill to Broome want us to rifle through our kitchens this month to look for any unwanted Women’s Weekly cookbooks in good condition, and 50’s Australian kitchen kitsch.

Donate your books and ’50s kitchen kitsch to your nearest Red Cross Shop, and not only will you be helping to create an eye catching centenary window display for your local Red Cross Shop during August, but they will also be able to re-sell the books and kitchen kitsch afterwards, to raise money for the everyday work of Red Cross.

Right behind the idea is none other than the amazing Pamela Clark, friend and mentor to a whole generation of Australian cooks, reared on recipes from the pages of Women’s Weekly Cookbooks.

Pamela started as a home economist in the cookbook test kitchen, making sure the recipes all worked. This included triple testing recipes for such classics as the Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook, the original Women’s Weekly Cookbook, and the book that everyone has a story about, The Children’s Birthday Cake Book.

Pamela is now the Editorial and Food Director of Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks, and can’t wait to get involved in the Big Cake Bake and the 100th birthday of Red Cross.

“I am excited to be a part of this wonderful initiative and can’t wait to get baking in August,”she says.”Red Cross, just like The Australian Women’s Weekly has been helping Australians for generations.

“I love a bit of baking and anything that allows people to get together over cake for a good cause, has got to be a brilliant idea.’

To participate in the Big Cake Bake, make sure you register first to receive everything you need to run a successful event, including an information booklet, donation box, posters and lots more.

Once registered, a host kit will be sent to you with all the tools.

All donations raised from Big Cake Bake will support the everyday work of Red Cross, including programs and services to help some of the most vulnerable people in Australia and further afield.

The Red Cross Big Cake Bake will be held on Monday 25 August; for more information, head to, email, or call 1800 652 635.