Surrounded by buildings and traffic jams, there is a hidden oasis of shrubbery and fish-filled waters that have become a source of fresh food for the surrounding restaurants of South Brisbane.

Have you ever been stuck waiting for your food for an exceptionally long time? Usually by this point your Dad is cracking jokes like, “what are they doing, planting seeds?”

Since the opening of Rouge Plantation you can see the food growing, so you know the wait won’t be too long.

This new garden is boasting organic produce in an aquaplanes system for the surrounding restaurants in the area.

Seven Positive, Foodqube, Graffiti Murals, MadeForward, EcoUrbanistix and Rouge Coffee have all come together to create this exciting new kitchen/ garden for sourcing natural ingredients.

The garden is held together in a seven-metre long timber installation entirely designed with up-cycled materials.

There are seven individual garden beds stocking 150 different herbs and vegetables, including a 1,000 litre tank filled with 100 jade perch.

The combination of aquaculture and hydroponics is a mutually beneficial relationship between the fish and garden; as the nutrient rich water feeds the plants while filtering the water for the fish.

This winning idea was made a reality when manager of the Roastery Café Asja Svilians began openly suggesting that the connection between food and the consumer was slowly disappearing.

A food politics debate was sparked as surrounding cafés all agreed that the reconnection between people and the food growing process was an important value that needed to be re-stabilised.

The collaborating team of locals came together to create the Rouge Plantation all combining their talents with the art mural and all the recycled material for the garden.

The locals of South Brisbane will have some of the freshest veggies this coming winter, with fresh herbs straight from the garden to your plate.

Check out the video below for a peek into the design and make of the Rouge Plantation.