If you have a love for a wine, then why not include some wine ideals in your New Year program.

1. I will taste wines without worrying about the identity, or fame, or what other people say.

2. I will assess it based on my perception of taste. If I feel the need to grab some more education on wine appreciation then see point #4.

3. I realise that the circumstances of tasting a wine can influence my perception and I will be careful about that. For example a simple fresh wine will taste great in the middle of a hot day and a complex expensive red will not. In cold weather and in the evening, the opposite is true. It’s “horses for courses” and bear this in mind when enjoying food and wine.

4. I will attend a wine appreciation course or master class. A little knowledge helps enjoyment dramatically. People come to me and exclaim “where have you been all my life so far? I thought I knew about wine but after attending a course I will start again!”

5. I won’t choose the same old wine – probably scared that I will make a mistake if I try something new. Especially I won’t automatically order sauvignon blanc from NZ!

6. I will try some Queensland wine.

Some wines to help with the above resolutions:-

Simple fresh wines include:

  • Riesling and Semillon (whites)
  • Grenache and Merlot (red).  Be wary of a trendy new variety Gruner Veltliner that is much loved (and recommended) by restaurant sommeliers – it has already flamed out as a trend in English and New  York restaurants. It is a lean white with a celery salt sort of flavour.

Complex rich styles for cold weather include:

  • Chardonnay, Viognier and Gewürztraminer (whites)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Shiraz blends (red).

View www.wineexperience.com.au for Brisbane wine courses.

Try Riesling, Semillon, Pinot Gris and Verdelho in lieu of Sauvignon Blanc

Try Qld producers:

  • Golden Grove
  • Ballandean Estate
  • Ridgemill
  • Symphony Hill
  • Sirromet
  • Lucas Estate
  • Ravenscroft
  • Cloveley Estate
  • Hidden Creek (I am tied up in ownership with the latter) for lovely wine produced in Qld.

Wines of the week to help the resolutions above:

  • Fresh whites – O’Leary Walker Riesling ($20), Jim Barry Riesling ($19), Peter Lehmann Riesling ($16)
  • Fresh reds – Maximus Grenache ($26)
  • Qld wines – Golden Grove Nero d’Avola ($21),  Ballandean Estate Nebbiolo ($19), Hidden Creek Moscato ($15), Pyramid Road Mourvedre ($30).

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