Some like it hot, others not, and would prefer a cold Christmas lunch menu. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, compare our Australian Christmas classics and favourite flavours for a hot, or cold lunch menu.

Brisbane Christmas Day Forecast: 29° and scattered clouds

Will you be opting for a hot or cold Christmas lunch menu?

For either, there are plenty of seasonal flavours you can include into your plan.

Must-haves for meat: Roast pork, turkey, seafood, and ham.
Classic dessert flavours: macadamias, mangoes, raspberries and blackberries.

Cold Christmas Lunch Menu:

Caper Tartare Prawns
Second on the list of Australians’ favourite seafoods, thousands will be peeled this Christmas.

Smashed Potato Salad
The humble potato is perfect accompaniment to a meal, or substantial on its own.

Seafood Salad & Garlic Butter
Prawn, crab, salmon and tuna can all be used in seafood salads or platters.

Sage & Prosciutto Pork Fillet
Delicious gluten-free recipe, by Robyn Russell

Bourbon-baked Lobster with Lime Crisps
Recipe by Degustation Guru Cheong Liew

Macadamia Christmas Cookies
Filled with berries; best eaten on Christmas Day

Fruit Mince Pie Tiramisu
A tiramisu upgrade on a staple of the Christmas meal

Perfect Aussie Pavlova
Can optionally be shaped as Australia – bound to WOW the inlaws

Hot Christmas Lunch Menu:

Barbecued Prawns with Aioli

Pasta, Asparagus & Tomato Salad

Parmesan & Chive Potatoes

Roast Turkey with Lemon & Thyme
Succulent turkey – that doesn’t require gravy to taste good!

Sage & Macadamia Stuffed Pork Roast
The key to a traditional Christmas feast

Christmas Spiced Macadamias
Easy to make, and even easier to eat…

Steamed Christmas Pudding
Traditional recipe to polish off the menu

Sticky Date Pudding
Classic recipe by Gary Johnson


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