On the corner of Boundary Street and Russell Street you’ll find Char Char Yiros, a small casual dine-in and takeaway restaurant that serves delicious Greek food.

Sunday night my three girlfriends and I were looking for a cost-effective place to eat in West End we stumbled upon Char Char Yiros and I’m glad we did.

It doesn’t look very impressive from the outside, a few tables out the front of what is essentially a takeaway dining set up, but we sat down at our slightly sloping table and looked over the menu and were pleasantly surprised by a large range of Greek food. They have everything from their Char Char baked potatoes, Char Char Yiros ( meat on a stick) and Char Char platters, everything looked delicious and we definitely found it hard to decide on just one dish. What we ended up going for was one of the Char Char combination platters for four people and the amazing dish we received did not disappoint.

The Char Char combination platter consisted of a large Greek salad, a generous serving of charcoal lamb and chicken, grilled haloumi cheese, pita bread, thick hand cut chips, and yoghurt garlic sauce. There was more than enough for four very hungry women and we all agreed the meal was exactly what you would expect a rustic Greek dish to look and taste like. Plus it was only $18 per person and we couldn’t finish all the food because we were given so much, this place certainly ticks the value for money box.

Another bonus the dish was on our table in a matter of minutes, a perk of eating at a combination dine-in/takeaway restaurant.

As for drinks they do have a selection of beer and wine and we were offered a lovely bottle of white to accompany our meal for only $10. Unfortunately we were all driving so we went for the massive range of soft drinks and juices and the complimentary cold tap water.

While the food was great it really is a very casual dining experience, the table was rickety, the chairs were metal and you have to walk up to the counter to order. Plus since it is in the heart of West End there was a few shifty characters hanging out on the corner right outside the restaurant.  If you’re not looking for anything fancy just a good meal to enjoy with friends then this is a great option. Plus there are so many interesting bars and beer spots in West End Char Char Yiros is the perfect destination to start the night with a quick and delicious meal.