A new restaurant in Spring hill is causing a stir. Al Beik offers traditional Lebanese cuisine in a comfortable setting and the word is they can serve up a good dish.

Have you been searching for a traditional Lebanese restaurant? Do you love Wagu beef and Antipasto plates? The the new restaurant Al Beik in Spring Hill may be exactly what you have been searching for.

Al Beik only recently opened their doors in Spring Hill and after viewing the menu I cannot wait to try out some of the delicious sounding dishes. Traditional Lebanese tabbouli or maybe the grade 6 wagu or seafood platter all of these options sound like great dishes and appears a lot of Brisbane is agreeing. The Urbanspoon reviews speak for themselves Al Beik is a hit and hopefully they keep up with the high standard. The great service is mentioned several times, always a large factor in a restaurant experience.

The entrees are served on rustic stone platters and the setting is contemporary with touches of Lebanese decor with stone and pale wood furniture and authentic bright Lebanese mosaics, ottomans, glass lamps and decorative hookah pipes.

Apparently customers love the Arayes Kofta Рspiced mince with parsley and onions baked in flat bread.

Another restaurant has opened in Brisbane City with a focus on an interesting eating regime. Just across the river in the South Bank precinct is Chez Laila  another fine Lebanese restaurant.

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