Aussie’s love their seafood, but what are the most popular seafoods we consume? The top 10 sea critters we have loved to eat in 2013 may surprise you.

Many plates this Christmas will be piled high with various types of delicious seafood. In 2013 Australians have consumed thousand of tonnes of seafood already, but what are the most popular seafoods? Some of the seafood in this list was sourced from aquaculture or aqua-farming meaning they were bred in a controlled environment for commercial purposes, in direct contrast to wild-caught species caught by commercial fisherman.

1. Atlantic Salmon

43,989 tonnes  – Aquaculture

This pink fleshed fish is not only delicious but good for you as well. The high levels of Omega 3 in Salmon can have positive effects on the heart, the eyes, brain development in babies and can even improve your mood.  This fish is used in a range of dishes and in a range of cuisines, here are a few recipes for you to try out;

Crispy skin slamon with skordalia 

Salmon teriyaki with gingered greens

Smoked salmon salad 

Salmon with ricotta pasta

2. Prawns

18, 596 tonnes – Wild-caught

Prawns come in second, these delicious critters are an Aussie favourite and thousands will be peeled over the Christmas break, here are a few prawn recipes to try out;

Wasabi prawns in angel hair

Tomato linguini with chilli garlic prawns 

Thai red prawn curry 

3. Edible Oysters

15, 745 tonnes – Aquaculture

Oysters – some people adore these slimy and salty bite size treats, others can’t imagine why people would eat something so strange looking. Brisbane is home to a few oysters bars and seafood restaurants serving up oysters fresh or cooked.

Enjoy oysters at any of these Brisbane dining spots;

 Cove Bar & Dining

Lure restaurant at The Coro


4. Tuna

7, 554 tonnes  – Wild-caught

Tuna can be served in a variety of forms whether you enjoy it seared, in sushi or straight out of a can, it can’t be denied that this fish is a popular choice.

Feeling adventurous try out this recipe for Poppyseed-crusted and seared tuna with ponzu dipping sauce

5. Shark

6,003 tonnes – Wild-caught

Who would have thought so much shark was consumed over the past year? Sharks can be eaten in a number of ways, but there has been a lot of controversy over the shark finning trade. 

Do you have an interesting shark meat recipe? Please no suggestions involving shark fins!

6. Crab

5,090 tonnes – Wild-caught

A good crab dish can please any crowd and Australia is lucky enough to be home to several species of delicious crabs including; blue swimmer crabs, mud crabs, spanner crabs, crystals crabs and many more.

What is your favourite crab dish?

7. Barramundi

4, 498 tonnes – Aquaculture

Barramundi is a popular grilling choice and you can enjoy it guilt-free as the aquaculture used to source this fish is a sustainable activity.

This Barramundi dish is perfect for a summer lunch , Bush–spiced Barramundi with Sweet Potato Mash and Fruit Salsa

8. Mullet

4, 418 tonnes – Wild-caught

These flavoursome fish are great grilled, smoked or can be made into a pate . If you are interested in trying this poignant flavoured fish try out this marinated fish recipe.

9. Flathead

4, 059 – Wild-caught

Flathead is much milder in taste than Mullet and is great for classic fish and chips or to absorb the flavours of a spicy curry.

Fish, pumpkin and coconut curry 

10. Prawns 

Farmed prawns are number ten on our list, prawn aquaculture provides over 300 full time jobs in Queensland alone. here are a few more prawn recipes to try this Christmas.

Roasted pork and prawn crispy pancakes

Millefeuille of grilled prawns,tomato confit and celeriac puree with fennel vinaigrette

Seafood + Barley Stew

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