Are you a serious enough coffee drinker to have a favourite bean?

Some people just want caffeine, other coffee drinkers go to the same place because they like the coffee flavour or love the way the barista makes their coffee. Well Merlo’s is offering bean enthusiasts a rare treat…their December “Bean of the Month” hails from the Serracin family, who won the 2011 Best of Panama Award for their Geisha crop in Boquete at Don Pachi Estate.

One of only two farms that produce the rare bean, it’s a special Christmas treat for coffee enthusiasts.

“At $120 per kilogram, this bean is a world class find and ranks as a must-do for coffee aficionados,” says Dean Merlo. “Our Bean of the Month program introduces coffee lovers to the origins of new beans, the impact country and growth has on taste, and the flavor of increasingly hard-to-find beans.”

The Don Pachi Geisha bean was originally introduced to Central America from the small town of Geisha in South Western Ethiopia. It was then introduced to Panama by Don Pachi of the Serracin family, before gaining popularity and pouring out into the world soon after.

Growing on very tall trees with elongated leaves, top quality Geisha Panama beans and cherries appear to only be produced at extremely high elevation and are renowned for their extraordinary and complex taste with hints of berry, citrus, mango, papaya and peach.

“If you haven’t yet had a chance to try this variety of coffee, trust me, you’re missing out! It’s got one of the most deliciously intricate and rich flavour profiles of all,” says Merlo, adding it’s best tried black or brewed.

If you’re tempted by this rare bean head into any BarMerlo or Torrefazione and purchase a coffee or bag of beans – a great idea for a Christmas present for any coffee-loving friends or family!

What’s your favourite coffee bean? Let us know your favourite flavour!